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Forum: The Well-Integrated Repository

How can the repository combine in synergistic ways with a broad range of specialist software applications, including other repositories?

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Thursday 2nd February, 2006, as part of the interlinked set of events, Open Repositories 2006.


University of Sydney, Australia


A digital repository provides a core set of digital asset management tools. But the usefulness of the repository can be multiplied many times if the end users can combine the repository with other research tools and services. The repository then becomes one element of an integrated suite of independent tools that facilitate authoring, analysis, collation, collaboration, manipulation, reporting, and publication of digital objects.

This integration not only increases the relevance of the repository to the end user but also reduces the need for repository developers and managers to incorporate a myriad of customised features or complex services into the repository core. For example, specialised authoring tools, collaboration environments, or publishing frameworks can all have appropriate articulation with the repository environment, without necessarily having to be hard-wired into it.

The result is a synergistic increase in usefulness for all elements of this integrated working environment.

This forum seeks to identify both opportunities and barriers for the interoperability of digital repositories with desktop applications, publishing frameworks, enterprise-wide information systems, and other repositories.

The conversation will progress at three levels:

The Broader Context:

Enterprise Interoperability:

Operational Requirements:

The forum will also examine case studies where specific repositories are enhanced by integration with some external software systems such as Sakai, Apache/Cocoon, Vue, or SRB.

Guest Speakers

Presenters and forum panel members are still being finalised and will include leading international experts. Some of the confirmed speakers include:


The Forum will be a blend of presentations, case studies, and panel discussions. There will be some specialised and/or technical aspects to the presentations.

Intended Audience

This forum is for anyone concerned with integrating a digital repository service with a broader suite of services, tools, and enterprise information systems. This might include:

Attendees may be using any of several repository software packages (e.g. ePrints, DSpace, Fedora, commercial, or custom-made). There will be a deliberate cross-pollination between these various software systems, their developers, and users.


This forum is collaboratively organised by:

The Forum is part of a set of interlinked events, Open Repositories 2006, sponsored by APSR.

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