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The APSR Project aims to establish a centre of excellence for the management of scholarly assets in digital format.

Online collections of scholarly materials are bringing about a quiet revolution in the way researchers work. Researchers have faster easier ways of finding and analyzing research materials. New modes of research and new research methodologies are all now possible. APSR is a partnership that aims to promote excellence in building & managing these collections of digital research objects.

The Partnership receives Federal Government funding to assist Australian researchers with research information management. To this end, APSR conducts outreach and educational programs and undertakes collaborative development of systems and tools.

The Partnership is an eclectic one including major research universities, the National Library of Australia, and APAC (the Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing). This reflects the broad nature of the issues faced and the capabilities required in managing Australia’s research data and scholarly information in digital format.

APSR works closely with research communities, information professionals, technical staff, and higher education policy makers on a series of development projects, surveys, publications, seminars, and training workshops. The Partnership aims to help create the systems required for managing data and information in a research environment and simultaneously to increase the capability of Australian researchers to do so.

The project has four interlinked programs:
Digital Continuity and Sustainability
Centre of excellence to share software tools, expertise and planning strategies.
International Linkages Program
Participate in international standards and maintain a technology watching brief.
National Services Program
Support national teaching and research with technical advisory services; knowledge transfer; consultation and collaboration services.
Practices & Testbed
Build expertise in sustainable digital resource management through partner relationships.

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APSR is one of four projects funded by Department of Education Science and Training under the Systemic Infrastructure Initiative.