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AERES - Australian eResearch Sustainability Survey


This national project surveyed data-intensive communities with a view to establishing current capabilities for the storage, access, and long term management of research data. Awareness of sustainability issues and how these are being addressed were also canvassed. The project examined how available resources may be applied to sustainability issues for these communities. There is a focus on using APAC resources to work more closely with a number of the surveyed communities. APAC undertook a related project through the survey and documented eResearch infrastructure needs in data-intensive communities. Paul McNamara, on secondment from the ANU, coordinated the APSR project, working closely with Dr. Markus Buchhorn from APAC.

A tandem project to this one was Sustainable Paths for Data-intensive Research Communities, at the University of Melbourne test-bed, under the management of Anna Shadbolt. The purpose of this project was to work directly with some of the data-intensive research communities at the University of Melbourne. The project aimed to conduct an audit of ten to twelve data-intensive research communities across a variety of disciplines, documenting the data management issues for each community. The project team worked more closely with a small number of these research communities to develop a framework for e-Research and sharing of best practice. The learning from this process was fed back to the national AERES project.

Sustainability Issues for Australian Research Data: The report of the Australian e-Research Sustainability Survey Project available in pdf (396kb) October 2006
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Sustainable Paths for Data-Intensive Research Communities available in pdf (599kb) August 2006

AERES Project proposal

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