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AONS - Automated Obsolescence Notification System

The National Library of Australia

APSR has developed a solution to help the preservation of data for long term access. AONS (Automated Obsolescence Notification System) is a software system that works in conjunction with the leading open-source repository platforms (DSpace and Fedora/Fez) to automatically notify repository managers about the file formats of digital resources in the repository and alerting them to problems that they may cause for long-term preservation. AONS emails the notification repository manager whenever problems are encountered.

AONS will be released into the public domain for use when the second phase of development in 2007 is completed. The system was taken through to its successful first phase of development by the lead programmer, Joseph Curtis.

Contact: Chris Blackall

AONS System Documentation is available in pdf (1.2mb).

J. Curtis, P.Koebin, P.Raftos, D.Berriman, J.Hunter, "AONS - An Obsolescence Detection and Notification Service for Web Archives and Digital Repositories" New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia: Special Issue on Web Archiving, 13 (1) January 2007, pp 39-53.
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