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Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories Sustainability Guidelines for Australian Repositories (sugar)   
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Related Resources


  • Controlled Vocabularies : Thesaurus Sites
    This site provides an extensive list of sources of terminologies. Terminologies or thesauri provide keywords for describing resources.


  • Controlling Your Language : Links To Metadata Vocabularies
    This section of the TASI website lists subject terminologies. Terminologies or controlled vocabularies provide keywords for describing resources. The site also discusses differences between a thesaurus, a classification system and an authority list. Many types of terminologies are hyperlinked. Some provide descriptors for a particular subject (e.g. architecture) while others are general.


  • Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections : Metadata
    This section of the NISO guide provides a set of guiding principles for metadata. Metadata requirements must be informed by an understanding of a collection's purpose, the needs of its users, costs and benefits. Metadata must also enable digital objects to be managed and sustained within a computer system. The guide describes some of the most popular metadata schemas & their applications along with links to related resources.


  • Introduction To Metadata : Pathways To Digital Information : Setting The Stage
    This section of the guide provides a comprehensive introduction to metadata. It begins with a discussion of the ways that libraries, museums and archives have used metadata. It provides a table of different types of metadata and applications (e.g. for searching and administration). It poses a lifecycle for digital objects and describes how various types of metadata are used at different stages. It also gives a detailed list of reasons for using metadata (such as increasing accessibility and satisfying legal requirements).


  • Understanding Metadata
    This guide from NISO provides a comprehensive introduction to metadata including a discussion of a range of schemas such as Dublin Core, MODS, EAD and TEI.  It also covers MPEG multimedia metadata schemas (used with audiovisual objects) and includes an extensive bibliography.