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Cocoon Integration with DSpace and Log Statistics

The Australian National University

Cocoon is increasingly being used within the ANU institutional repository context as a rendering engine for more complex collections and provides a presentation layer above the repository layer. Launching some production exemplars of this technology to demonstrate its use in the preservation lifecycle of more complex digital objects is planned for mid 2006 and is significant in that DSpace is also expected to introduce this technology in its core distribution mid-late 2006. Exemplars to be launched include: People of the Rivermouth, Anthology of Australian Music, one or more Open Access journals and integration with ANU's ePress facility.

The DSpace statistical extension to allow the on-demand generation of meaningful statistical information for DSpace administrators and Collection owners allows data collected and stored in real time to be queried and presented in various ways. Since the data produced by the System is XML, it can be visualised in any format, one of which (also developed by the ANU DSpace team) is an SVG graph generator system running under Cocoon.

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The Australian National University DSpace Testbed Program is a progress report from July 2005. pdf (941kb).
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