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COSI - Collections Services and Infrastructures


This key set of projects aims to improve the infrastructures and services for managing digital collections. They stem from APSR’s mission as part of Strategic Infrastructure Initiative (SII) to provide infrastructure and services to meet the ongoing requirements of the Australian research information environment.

From a national perspective, these infrastructure elements are often shared services (e.g., registries, aggregators, federations, brokers) for use across many repositories or digital collections. As shared services, they also contribute to an information environment beyond individual repositories, or collections, to include international frameworks for research collaboration. These services are also relevant to the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) initiative.

These infrastructure and services should apply as broadly as possible across the spectrum of digital collections, data centres, and different repository platforms.

Contact: Chris Blackall

COSI Framework v1.0 Documentation by James Blanden, November 2007.
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