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APSR Projects

2007 | 2006

2007 Initiatives

Through 2007, APSR is funding a wide range of development projects that are designed to improve the interoperability of DSpace and Fedora, and to enhance the overall capacity of scholarly communications and e-research in the Australian higher education and research sector. This work utilizes the expertise that APSR partners have gained as part of their extensive testing and development of DSpace and Fedora and involves:

  1. Repository Interoperability Framework [RIFF] initiative to better integrate DSpace and Fez+Fedora into the scholarly communications and e-research life cycle;
  2. Collections Services and Infrastructures [COSI] initiative to provide value-added services for repository managers and maintainers; and
  3. Repository Technical Support Service to assist institutional adopters of DSpace and Fez+Fedora.

Detailed descriptions of these initiatives can be accessed from the links below.

Repository Interoperability Framework (RIFF)

The RIFF initiatives are a suite of complementary and highly collaborative development activities to be undertaken by APSR partners. These comprise two major lines of development: defining specific scholarly communications ‘workflows’ and developing the software ‘services’ required to integrate these workflows with DSpace and Fez+Fedora. Workflows are defined here as end-to-end scholarly publishing and communications processes that utilize institutional repositories for the preservation, discovery of and access to digital content. In a nutshell, this involves adapting open-source software environments typically used for research and scholarly publishing (such as the Open Journal System so that digital content can be automatically transferred to DSpace and Fez+Fedora collections. Once organized in collections, the content is then disseminated through Manakin, a cross-platform repository presentation framework. Please follow the links below for a detailed description of the RIFF workflows:
  • eJournals
  • eConferences
  • Image Collections
  • Fieldwork Portfolio
  • Researcher Portfolio
  • Music Collections
  • Word Processing-Scholars Workbench
  • Map-based Discovery Service for Repositories

Software services for repository integration:

This initiative involves the development of software ‘services’ that will enable the seamless integration of the software environments used in the workflow solutions (listed above) with DSpace and Fez+Fedora. Here APSR is developing of two Web-based ‘service’ applications. The first is a ‘Submission Service’ that translates and routes Submission Information Packages (SIP) from the workflow environments to DSpace or Fez+Fedora for automatic ingestion. The second is a platform-independent ‘Dissemination Service’ based on Manakin that will enable richer Web-interfaces and experiences for end-users. This work will draw heavily on the expertise of the National Library of Australia to facilitate the adoption of the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) as a common format for exchanging data between repositories and other workflow environments.

Collections Services and Infrastructures (COSI)

The COSI initiatives are self-contained projects that provide value-added services for repository managers and maintainers.
  • Collections Service Registry
  • Format Notification and Obsolescence Service
  • Benchmark Statistics Service

Repository Technical Support Service

  • DSpace Community Services
  • Fez Community Services

2006 and before

Repository Management

AONS - Automated Obsolescence Notification System
RQF Checklist

Repository Integration

Cocoon Integration with DSpace and log statistics
Complex Collections Demonstrator
CREW - Common Resources for Web-development
DSpace and Grid Technologies
Fez+Fedora-based Repository Management System
Interoperability middleware


AERES - Australian eResearch Sustainability Survey
PRESTA - PREMIS Requirement Statement
Preservation Metadata and Testbed Risk Analysis Survey
SUGAR - Sustainable Guidelines for Australian Repositories
Sustainability of Word Processing Documents
Sustainable paths for Data-intensive Research Communities

Repository Users

Journal Publication System: Pilot
FIDAS - Fieldwork Data Sustainability
Complex publication and sustainability