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Dissemination Service: UQ Fez + Fedora

The University of Queensland

This project supports the APSR RIFF Framework by providing a standardised approach that any repository using Fez/Fedora may use to provide content stored therein in such a way that the APSR dissemination service can receive it and render it for the user. It does so by taking the objects themselves from the repository – the content and associated metadata and presenting them via a standard API (using XML notation) to the RIFF Dissemination Service.

In the context of the APSR RIFF framework, we provided this service as part of the Fez/Fedora code base toolkit and implemented a number of proof-of-concept implementations of the various RIFF workflow projects. In more detail, the process maps content which is stored as objects held in a Fez/Fedora repository to marked up XML in the form of an Australian METS package (or dissemination information package – DIP) and then makes that available to the destination rendering service.

ANU DSpace uses Manakin as its dissemination engine which uses a combination of XSLT, Manakin ‘DRI’ and ‘Manifest’ xml templates. Using Manakin ANU had already created a set of dissemination styles for Open Journal System (OJS) and prototypes of styles for Open Conference System (OCS) and other RIFF APSR submission object styles as specified in the other RIFF workflow projects. In consultation with ANU, the UQ Fez team decided the most efficient outcome would be to replicate or emulate the Manakin engine in Fez to be able to directly use (or with little change) the existing and future planned Manakin styles.


1. The Fez dissemination service is a full working Manakin emulation that accepts APSR Submission services objects and disseminates them in the same method as would a DSpace installation.

2. The UQ team were able to successfully demonstrate the same functionality in disseminating content from a number of exemplar workflows using the FEZ/Fedora repository and the Manakin emulation to the APSR dissemination service.

As more Manakin delivered APSR METS Profile dissemination styles are created the Fez+Fedora repository engine will be able to easily install and use them. The UQ Fez team will keep an eye on the OCS and other dissemination styles coming out of the RIFF workflow projects as they are completed and ensure that they work with the Fez version of the dissemination engine. The port to Muradora, the design and architectural philosophy of this service also ensures that the service will remain compatible with newer versions and clients running Fedora which further enhances its usefulness in a sustainable digital repository service.

Contact: Christiaan Kortekaas

Fez/Fedora Support for Submission and Dissemination Services as part of the APSR RIFF Framework by Andrew Bennett, Christiaan Kortekaas, Lachlan Kuhn & Matthew Smith, University of Queensland. December 2007.
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