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Dissemination Service: ANU DSpace

The Australian National University

Storing digital objects in a repository so that they are safe and easily found is only part of the sustainability story: it's also important the objects be renderable. “Rendering” can mean many things: displaying a JPEG image in a web browser; downloading a TIFF image so that it can be laid out in a print magazine page; streaming an MP3 as part of a podcast; displaying a graphic representation of data tables.

And there are more kinds of storage mechanisms than long term repositories, which generally use DSpace, Fedora or EPrints. There are also file shares, CVS trees and streaming servers, to name just a few.

The process of getting an object out of its store or repository plus any associated metadata is called “dissemination”. Clearly, there is a need for a standardised object or template which any dissemination mechanism could expect to receive when requesting content from a repository.

Philosophically, this concept is the flip side to the APSR RIFF Submission service.

Contact: Peter Raftos

ANU DSpace Dissemination Service, Peter Raftos and Leo Monus, December 2007.
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