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Online Conferences and Repositories

The University of Sydney

The publication and discovery of conference papers has long been a problematical issue in scholarly communication. In the traditional mode of print publication there is often a lag of many months/years between conference presentation and publication, a particular annoyance when the currency of the conference papers to a wider audience is important.

Conferences are the primary or a major method of scholarly communication in a number of disciplines such as computing, engineering and architecture. Add to this the fact that the organisation of many conferences is ad hoc, and that refereed conference papers are recognized as a research publication by DEST, then the need for some standard communication workflow becomes critical.

The object of this project is to integrate open conference publishing systems in this case OCS2 (Open Conference System version 2) being developed by the Public Knowledge Project with open repository platforms to ensure archival preservation, long term access and appropriate presentation of published content.

This project is similar in many ways to the Online Journals and Repositories project in that we are collaborating with the Public Knowledge Project in Canada, and were to take the same general approach to managing the submission and dissemination workflows. These workflows take place within the APSR RIFF framework, and include the requirement to be compliant with the NLA METS schema and OAI.

The project was delayed by the need for extended testing of OCS2, indeed the testing with PKP provided an important understanding of the processes underlying OCS.

Despite these delays the project was able to proceed to implement the METS schema as appropriate, and a proof-of-concept proto-type was delivered was made using conferences currently being published through Sydney eScholarship using OCS2.

To ensure that the papers, where appropriate, meet DEST research publication criteria, the dissemination package needed to be able to include relevant information about peer review and conference status. Dissemination can be in the form of generic manakin presentation templates, or in other branded delivery packages (ebook, print book etc).

This project has provided important insights to the process of publication and repository integration for conference content for the higher education sector. Work on the implementation of OCS publication and repository integration will continue through the activities of Sydney eScholarship.

This project brought together a collaboration of institutions and individuals who are active in facilitating new methods of the publication and storage of research content. The project includes expert staff from the University of Sydney, Australian National University, the National Library of Australia, and the Public Knowledge Project at Simon Fraser University in Canada.


Project Manager: Ross Coleman
Technical Lead: Gary Browne

December 2007
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Project Report W2 Conferences Workflo, December 2007
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