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FIDAS - Fieldwork Data Sustainability

The University of Sydney

Fieldworkers typically collect data in an ad-hoc way during fieldwork, leading to problems with data management and consistent recording of metadata. This often results in patchy and highly variable metadata quality at the time of submission of data to a digital repository. It can be very difficult or even impossible to reconstruct some of this information at a later date, yet these resources are often unique and unrepeatable records of highly significant events collected at considerable expense of researcher time, effort and resources.

This project has aimed to assist the workflow of researchers who collect digital data during fieldwork by analysing field methodologies and providing tools and resources to support the collection and long-term sustainability of data and metadata created in the field.

This work culminated in a conference and workshop.The Sustainable Data from Digital Fieldwork: from creation to archive and back conference and workshop were held at the University of Sydney on December 4-6, 2006, and showcased a number of projects that have been developing innovative and sustainable ways of managing such data.

Contact: Linda Barwick

Report of the Fieldwork Data Sustainability Project (FIDAS)
A copy of the FIDAS software can be downloaded from
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