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Establishing a Digital Repository Service

Perth, Darwin and Hobart in 2006


A growing proportion of an institution's output and assets is digital in format (eg, data sets, documents, multimedia objects). Digital repositories are becoming a critical part of an institution's information infrastructure to ensure the preservation and ongoing access to these digital objects. Over and above a mere software system, the digital repository represents the institution's responsibility for the long term stewardship of its digital assets.

APSR is running a series of workshops on "Establishing a Digital Repository Service". These workshops are for the benefit of institutions who are setting up digital repository services or thinking about such. The events also provide an opportunity to meet and build networks with interested people in your region.

The workshops will be run in Perth, Darwin and Hobart in 2006. The half-day workshops have already been held in various locations around Australia (Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide in 2005).

A supplementary technical tutorial is an optional extra. That session will go into the specifics of a particular software system (see "Optional Extra Technical Tutorial" below).


The workshops provide a general background to digital repositories as well as a practical walk-through of a particular repository system. The workshops will also cover the essential issues involved in establishing a repository service, including:

  • Planning and management of a repository service

  • Involving your community

  • Criteria for choosing repository software

  • Spectrum of services

  • Sustainability guidelines and issues

  • Case study demonstrations

The program starts at 9.30am and finish at 12.30pm. Lunch is provided afterwards.

Attendees will receive an information pack including background papers.

No prior knowledge of particular repository software is required. The workshop addresses many generic issues involved with establishing a repository service (only one of which is the software system). The presentations do not propose a single software solution, though they showcase examples of repository systems in production at APSR partners.

Who Should Attend?

The workshops are meant for the management and administrative staff of all fledgling (or potential) repository services:

Policy Makers

investigating digital repository services (information gathering)

Project Leaders

in the early stages of implementing digital repository services (networking with other implementers)

Technical Staff

interested in digital repository software systems

Although the immediate context of APSR is the higher education research sector, these workshops will be beneficial to any institution that intends to develop a repository for the long term preservation and access of its digital assets.


Location Date Venue Contact
Perth Monday, February 13, 9.30am University of Western Australia Library Toby Burrows
9380 2358
RSVP 6/2/06
Darwin Tuesday, April 11, 9.30am Law Theatre (Bldg 39), Charles Darwin University

Ruth Quinn
RSVP 6/4/06

Hobart Thursday, May 4 University of Tasmania Di Worth


The cost of the workshop series is completely subsidised by the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories which is funded to do outreach work in this area by the Department of Education, Science and Training as part of the Commonwealth Government's "Backing Australia's Ability - An Innovative Action Plan for the Future".

Places however are strictly limited, and all attendees must be registered, so prompt confirmation of your intention to attend is advisable.

Optional Extra Technical Tutorial

This extra session is a guided tutorial on installing the "DSpace in a Box" software as well as the extensions based on the Apache Cocoon framework. Participants will "bring their own box" (eg, a standard laptop machine running Redhat Linux 9.0, Fedora Core 3 or Fedora Core 4). Participants will need root access to their laptop. Attendees will need some familiarity with the basic Unix commands.

The tutorial will cover the following activities:

  • installation of a pre-configured DSpace system

  • basic administration (user and process management)

  • ingestion of basic digital objects

  • installation of Apache Cocoon

  • ingestion of XML objects, and presentation via the Cocoon pipeline

Participants in this tutorial will leave with a fully functional repository system to test and develop on their laptop.

If you (or someone from your institution) is interested in attending this extra session in the afternoon, please inform the contact person for your location. It is not necessary to have attended the morning session. Details on hardware and software requirements are available on request.

A detailed agenda of this tutorial is available.