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Open Access Collections

A one day workshop on the challenges and opportunities of open access publishing for Australian universities

Thursday, February 14, 2008 at Customs House, Brisbane

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Repositories are being built in every major institution in Australia to hold text and data collections. For universities in particular, the repository will be important in preparation for the RQF. The creation of repositories offers a unique opportunity for opening up access to Australian research data and outputs.

Open Access Collections will bring together speakers who work in the area of open access advocacy. This is an opportunity to find out the positive benefits of opening up access to research. Discussion areas will include increased citation rates - with a flow into potential increased university ranking status, and the economic benefits to both the institution and the country of having openly accessible research outputs.

The day will feature several academics currently using repositories to house their work, and how this change in work practice has helped them in their work and in their citation rankings.

This event will give repository managers and others working in the area of repositories or libraries some real-life examples to assist them in increasing the uptake and use of their repository.

Conveniently scheduled for the week after VALA2008, the event will be held at the historic Customs House overlooking the Brisbane River.

Who should attend?


Speakers will include:

  • Dr Peter Murray Rust, Unilever Centre for Molecular Sciences Informatics, University of Cambridge
  • Kevin Stranack, Librarian with the Public Knowledge Project at the Simon Fraser University
  • Professor Hubert Chanson, Professor in Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland
  • Professor Ray Frost, School of Physical & Chemical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology
  • Danny Kingsley, Graduate Scholar, Australian National University

Other names will be added to this list as they become available.

The day will conclude with a panel discussion of outreach activities to support open access. Belinda Weaver, Manager of UQ eSpace at the University of Queensland will moderate the panel. Panellists will include

  • Paula Callan, eResearch Access Coordinator at the Queensland University of Technology
  • Margaret Henty, National Services Program Manager with the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories
  • Simon McMillan, e-publications@UNE Project Manager at the University of New England
  • Vicki Picasso, Research Repository Manager at the University of Newcastle.


The cost of the one day workshop is $85. This amount includes all catering and GST.

This event is subsidised by the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories which is funded to do outreach work in this area by the Department of Education, Science and Training as part of the Commonwealth Government's "Backing Australia's Ability - An Innovative Action Plan for the Future".


Registrations have now closed.

Cancellations and substitutions

Cancellations should be notified in writing to Substitutions can be made but it is preferred that these be notified well before the event.

Open Access Collections will be held in association with QULOC and the University of Queensland Library..

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