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Data Management Survey

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In late 2007, The University of Queensland undertook a survey of data management practices among the university’s researchers. This was done in response to the increasing realisation that repositories need to include research data, in addition to the research outputs in print form already included, and to provide information which would enhance the support provided for those engaged in eResearch.

The survey was carried out using the Apollo software developed at The Australian National University and adapted by APSR. Two other universities, The University of Melbourne and the Queensland University of Technology, have now replicated the survey among their own communities, while adding some questions of local interest.

The survey covers questions such as the types of digital data being created (spreadsheets, documents, experimental data, images, fieldwork data, etc), the size of the data collection, software used for data analysis, data storage and backup, application of a data management plan, roles and responsibilities around data management, copyright frameworks, usage of high capacity computing, and much more. A copy of the original University of Queensland survey is available.

The three surveys have had high response rates, and the results have been used for internal planning within each university.

If you would like to replicate the survey in your own institution, and contribute your results to the national picture of data management practice,contact Margaret Henty. The survey can be customised for local use and the data collected and analysed using Apollo.

A full report of the survey, Investigating Data Management Practices in Australian Universities, can be downloaded in pdf form (780Kb). Data Tables from the Data Management Practices Survey, which contains a complete set of tables and all the comments in pdf form, can be found at

Contact: Margaret Henty