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How to Subscribe to a Podcast

Step-by-step how to subscribe to a podcast

There are three steps to subscribing to and recieving podcasts.

1. Get some podcatching software

You need to install a piece of software which will search the web to find or 'catch' the latest episode and automatically deliver it to your computer. This software is usually free. Below are some examples of podcatching software:

Remember to refer to the documentation when setting up new software.

2. Subscribe to a Podcast

Once you have the software installed you need to subscribe to some podcasts. How you do this will vary depending on which software you have chosen. Below is an example of how to do this in iTunes:

  1. Locate and copy the "feed" address. For SkillSoup the address is
  2. Click on the "Advanced" menu item in iTunes and then select the "Subscribe to Podcast ..." option.
  3. Paste the feed into the provided box, and you're done.

In all of these cases you need to add the "feed" of the podcast to your software. The feed is really just the address of the podcast, which the software will go to each time it wants to check for a new episode.You can find the feed for most podcasts by clicking on either the orange XML 'subscribe' button, or the yellow 'Podcast' button. In both cases the feed address will appear in the address bar of your internet browser. You will need to copy this feed address and paste it into your podcast software.

3. Listen to the audio

When a new episode becomes available for the podcast you have subscribed to, your software will automatically download it. For audio, you can then listen to this episode on your computer or transfer it to your portable player (iPod or MP3 player) to listen to later.

You can also use a web browser that supports rss feeds, such as Firefox, Safari or Opera.