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Recent Podcast Series

Clever Collections: A National Showcase of Technical Innovations for Digital Collections

Day One - Session One
Day One - Session Two, Theatre One
Day One - Session Two, Theatre Two
Day One - Session Three
Day One - Session Four
Day Two coming soon on Monday ...

Previous Podcast Series

Data for Science: where to from here? Dr. Warwick Cathro
The Role of DEST: Opportunities and Responsibilities for Research Data Dr. Evan Arthur
Sustainability Issues for Australian Research Data: The Australian e-Research Sustainability Survey Dr. Markus Buchhorn
Building the Infrastructure for Data Access and Reuse - The Legal Context Dr. Anne Fitzgerald
Data Use and Re-use at the Centre of Mental Health Research Dr. Kaarin Anstey
International Contexts for an Australian Policy Framework Around Data. Dr. Ray Norris
Data and the Humanities Prof. Graeme Turner
The Role of Government Data Collectors: Opportunities and Responsibilities for Research Mr. Steve Matheson

Long-Term Repositories: Taking The Shock Out of The Future.

Repositories as Platforms for Researchers e-Portfolios Susan Gibbons
Selling Your Repository To Academics: the open access message. Danny Kingsley
Curation of Scientific Data: Challenges for Institutions and their Repositories. Chris Rusbridge

The Successful Repository

Welcome and Context: Keith Webster
Making the Repository a Success with your Academic Staff: Susan Gibbons
Success Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: Belinda Weaver
Enabling Success : IT Infrastructure For Repositories : Andrew Bennett
Scholarly Communication Costs and Benefits: The Role of Repositories: John Houghton
Success Through Business Alignment: Ross Coleman
Keys to Success Repository Policies and Copyright Management: Paula Callan
Alternative Ownership Models A Faculty Based Repository: Katie Cavanagh

Long-Term Repositories: Taking The Shock Out of The Future.

John Schipp: Introduction. Rebecca Guenther: The Promise of PREMIS: background, scope and purpose of the Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata
The Architecture and Standards Environments in which PREMIS Needs to Operate: Chris Blackall
Common Use Cases for Preservation Metadata: Deborah Woodyard-Robinson
PREMIS in The Real World, Some Reflections and Constraints: Ron Jantz and Jan Lavelle
PREMIS and the role of preservation metadata in making preservation systems workable: Jane Hunter
PREMIS Metadata - adapting or adopting PREMIS for APSR: Bronwyn Lee
Sustainability through Interoperability: PREMIS, Fedora and DSpace: Peter Raftos, Scott Yeadon and Christiaan Kortekaas
Tools and Techniques for Preservation Metadata Extraction and Collection: Mathew Black
Certifying Digital Repositories: Development of the Audit Checklist by the RLG-NARA Taskforce: Robin Dale
Fedora Preservation Services a Working Group report: Ron Jantz
Australia's Remotely Sensed Data Archive - the Next 25 Years and Beyond: Stuart Barr
The Trusted Digital Repositories Checklist: Government Records & Archives Aspect Assistant Director-General: Stephen Ellis
ASSDA: A Trusted Digital Repository or a trusted digital repository?: Sophie Holloway
Trust and the Web: Can the Audit Checklist be Applied to Web Archives?: Gerard Clifton
What Does Partial Compliance Mean?: Markus Buchhorn