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Long-term Repositories: Taking the shock out of the future

August 31 -September 1, 2006. National Library of Australia

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Day 1 - Implementing Preservation Metadata with PREMIS

Speaker Format Size
Rebecca Guenther. The promise of PREMIS: background, scope & purpose of the Data Dictionary for Presevation Metadata ppt


Chris Blackall. The architecture and standards environments in which PREMIS needs to operate ppt


Deborah Woodyard Robinson. Common use cases for preservation metadata ppt 183kb
Jan Lavelle. PREMIS in the Real World: some reflections on constraints ppt


Ron Jantz. PREMIS in the Real World: some reflections on constraints ppt


Jane Hunter. PREMIS and the role of preservation metadata in making preservation systems workable pdf


Bronwyn Lee, Gerard Clifton, Somaya Langley. Preservation Metadata – adapting or adopting PREMIS for APSR ppt 391kb
Peter Raftos, Christiaan Kortekaas and Scott Yeadon. Sustainability through Interoperability: PREMIS, Fedora and DSpace pdf


Mathew Black. Tools and Techniques for Preservation Metadata Extraction and Collection ppt 493kb

Day 2 - Certifying Digital Repositories: Using the RLG-NARA Audit Checklist

Speaker Format Size
Robin Dale. Certifying Digital Repositories: Development of the Audit Checklist by the RLG-NARA Taskforce ppt


Ron Jantz. Fedora Preservation Services – a Working Group report ppt


Stuart Barr. Australia's Remotely Sensed Data Archive - the Next 25 Years and Beyond ppt 553kb
Stephen Ellis. The Trusted Digital Repositories Checklist: Government Records & Archives Aspect ppt


Sophie Holloway. ASSDA: A Trusted Digital Repository or a trusted digital repository? ppt


Gerard Clifton. Trust and the Web: Can the Audit Checklist be Applied to Web Archives? ppt


Markus Buchhorn. What Does Partial Compliance Mean? ppt 100kb