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The Successful Repository

June 29, 2006.


Speaker Format Size
Keith Webster, University of Queensland. Welcome and context ppt


Susan Gibbons, University of Rochester. Making a Repository a Success with your Academic Staff ppt


Belinda Weaver, University of Queensland. Success is in the Eye of the Beholder html
Andrew Bennett, University of Queensland. Enabling Success: IT infrastructure for repositories ppt


Tom Cochrane, Queensland University of Technology. How can a Repository Contribute to University Success?  ppt


John Houghton, Victoria University. Scholarly Communication Costs and Benefits: the role of repositories ppt


Ross Coleman, University of Sydney. Success through Business Alignment ppt 1.73mb
Paula Callan, Queensland University of Technology. Keys to Success: Repository Policies and Copyright Management ppt

3.0 mb

Katie Cavanagh, Flinders University. Alternative Ownership Models: A Faculty-Based Repository ppt 12.7mb
Susan Gibbons, University of Rochester. Redefining Academic Librarianship for the Net Generation. Talk given at the University of Queensland on June 30, 2006. ppt