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Preservation Metadata & Testbed Risk Analysis Survey

The National Library of Australia

This survey of research data held in universities was undertaken in mid-2005 and covers data sets held at the Australian National University, the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland. The information derived from the process was intended to feed into APSR planning, providing specific data for the design of software tools, development of repositories, assessment of risk and development of risk management approaches, implementation of preservation metadata and the development of supported formats. The survey of the collections was also developed to help characterise the types of data repositories, to determine if different sorts of data sets needed different facilities, technology or management. The process raised a number of issues which were covered in the survey questions and analysis.

Contact: Margaret Henty

Survey of Data Collections: a research project undertaken for the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories by Kevin Bradley of the National Library of Australia and Margaret Henty of the Australian National University was published in December 2005. The survey is available in full as either html or pdf (451kb)
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