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APSR Testbeds

Demetrius at the Australian National University

Available in pdf (941.3kb). 25 July 2005
This report of the DSpace Testbed Program
at ANU covers:
Major contributions to the open source development of DSpace.
DSpace-Cocoon Trial: People of the Rivermouth
ANU Institutional Repository Policy: draft
Project reviews and case studies
1. User-Driven Batch Upload
2. Statistical Analysis Tool
3. Image Thumbnail (derivative) Generator
4. PictureAustralia Collaboration
Collaboration with MusicAustralia.

EScholarship at the University of Queensland

This report on FEZ updates the ESpace report below. Author: Belinda Weaver. First released 4 October 2005. Published by APSR 29 October 2005. Available in pdf (20kb).

eSpace development at the University of Queensland Library by Belinda Weaver describes plans for the establishment of a flexible, digital repository and workflow management system based on Fedora. Available in pdf (52kb). First released 17 June 2005. Published by APSR 12 July 2005.