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RQF and Repositories

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The role of digital repositories in the Australian Research Quality Framework (RQF) is central to the work of APSR.

During 2006, APSR will provide advice and assistance to Australian universities on the information management challenges anticipated in meeting the requirements of the Research Quality Framework as specified by the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST).  APSR is well-situated to provide this advice as all the APSR-sponsored repository systems have an RQF capability.  Test beds at the University of Queensland and the Australian National University have already taken part in internal research assessment exercises and are subsequently in a position to share their experience and expertise. 

APSR, in association with the ARROW Project, will hold a colloquium when further information about the DEST requirements becomes available. This colloquium will allow an exchange of information between the universities and DEST in which the repository development community can describe the functionality required to support the RQF.

In the lead up to the RQF, APSR will make available a number of documents based on the experience of its partners and the capacity of systems in use.  We hope that these will be helpful to others.