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Word-processing and Digital Scholar's Workbench

The Australian National University

The Digital Scholar's Workbench project is about better ways of working with scholarly text documents, primarily those that come from word processing software. In their raw form, word processing files are not suitable for long-term preservation. This project provides automated file conversion services to remedy this problem.

This is relevant to both the submission and dissemination ends of APSR's RIFF initiative. As part of the submission process we convert documents into a suitable form for preservation. Alongside the
preservation version, we store versions suitable for viewing or printing. We can also provide conversion services at the dissemination end of the process for conversion into other formats in the future as necessary.


Project Manager: Peter Raftos

December 2007
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The Digital Scholar's Workbench Project: Final Report by Ian Barnes, Australian National University. December, 2007.
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